file4111242305157I am sifting through emotions- grief, relief, fear,  confidence, hopelessness,humility, embarrassment,  peace …

I am sifting through ideas- God’s molding, boldness, God’s gifting, acceptance, Matthew, boldness, Deuteronomy, healing James, pressing-on, Isaiah, rest…

My mind is like a junk drawer. So I am sorting, tossing, keeping and deciding.

So although I am writing, I am not posting. I am editing, revising and deleting.

Uncertainty is very uncomfortable. I am an unusual in my shopping. I can decide whether or not to buy something more quickly than most people. This is because I do not like to vacillate. So you can imagine how miserable this sifting makes me.

Fortunately, I trust God. I don’t have the answers, He does. I don’t have a plan, He does. I am grateful for His stability.

The link below is to something I wrote last week.  It is about Isaiah. I am writing something for this site next week as well.  I hope to have something “inspiring”  posted here next week as well.

Hope Replaced Fear


READ  Progress not Perfection

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