“I want to scratch where they itch.” Jayna knows that whether someone chooses the break-out session she teaches or attends a key-note lecture, they are there to get their needs met.

Jayna customizes her personal stories and experiences to accommodate different group sizes and learning styles to make the most impact in the lives of listeners.  Engaging the group with her humor and vulnerability, Jayna’s style makes everyone feel like she is a friend sharing what she’s recently learned.

“My life’s goal is to empower people to be all that God created them to be. I want to come alongside the parent, the preschool teacher, or the growing Christian, so that I may guide and cheer them further in their relationships.”

To see if your event and her calendar are a match, contact her via:

Email: awomantrustinggod@gmail.com


Watch a portion of Jayna speaking at East Central Baptist Association’s Women’s Retreat “Persevere” November 14, 2015




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