OK, I know that it goes without saying that God loved Jesus. After all, Jesus is His one and only son, even pagan’s love their children.  But here in black and white we get a glimpse into how much God and Jesus love each other!

I am not sure why this thrills my soul so much.  I remember the good feeling I had when my parents expressed their love for each other in front of us kids.  I remember the pain and insecurity I felt when my parents’ divorced after 42 years of marriage.   Reading of  God’s love for Jesus made me feel more loved and in turn I loved them even more.

Verses 23, 24 are saying that God loves me as much as, He loves Jesus and that I am not an outsider. I am part of the family. God loved Jesus before He volunteered to die for me. Jesus did not volunteer so He could earn God’s love.  He already had God’s love.  I have not done anything that deserves God’s love. I just have it. God’s nature is to love regardless.

Verses 25, 26 are saying, “Dad, you are so wonderful, I have done my very best to help Jayna see how fantastic you are. You love Me, your son and her, a sinner, so much that I am willing to die. I will die, so that Jayna can better understand our love for her.  Think about those special moments when you have witnessed a declaration of love. This is one of those moments.

I am sure that I am not the only one that has struggled to find the words to tell how much I love someone. I am sure that I am not the only one who finds deeds and gifts inadequate to express my love.  Jesus died not only showing His love for me, but also God’s love for me.  His death also illustrates His love for God and how completely the Son trusted the Father. Is there a more astounding love?